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We create custom acrylic PC case windows, fan grills/filters, custom cases, and provide custom acrylic cutting and etching to
your specs.

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Kirk Carpenter

  • FrozenQPCMods is proud to announce a new range of
    products to our line, helping us expand past reservoirs, and
    digging into something new and fun that everyone uses.
    Cases! We are pleased to unveil our new line of acrylic
    cases, which ranges to anything from giant full tower
    cases to test benches. We have been working over the
    past year with Lazerwerx, a small company out of
    Washington that specializes in these incredible case
    designs. This range of new cases, which includes over 10
    designs and thousands of possibilities given the
    customization options they will have, are all made of a
    durable 3/8” acrylic construction and since acrylic can be
    laser cut, this allows the customer to easily have the case
    personalized to fit their style or theme.

           - FrozenQ PC Mods
Liquid ITX
Lazerwerx  is located in the State of Washington, USA.  
Hours: Part Time and Weekends!!!
Lazerwerx is very honored to partner up with
FrozenQ PC Mods to offer a variety of cases to
fit your needs!!!